Man of mystery

In the darkest of my days,
Came a tall dark shadow
Lurking behind every crack,
Fear came through the window

When your head is in a certain place,
Nobody around to keep you safe
He could take me
And lock me away

But on the fateful day
He took me
Held my hand
And showed me

I told him my biggest secret
Moment of honesty
Someone’s got to take the lead
So he told me three

I was wondering
Maybe it was a sign
Cause even when I am wrong
He is still kind

I see the morning sky in his eyes,
My cynicism starts to die
Giving me new strength to fight
Bathing me in golden light

How time flies
Its gonna be a short but amazing life
I am proud to know him
It feels so right

I remember his wonders,
From the beginning
I ponder on all he’s done,
Think through all his great deeds

In my highs and lows,
He listens to every line
The tallest person I know,
And so he keeps me on my toes

For the first time in my life,
I’m not worried about the future
However things turn out
It’s alright

Cause he’s already changed my life,
Made me smile with his smile
He’s healed me
The man of mystery


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