The final hour

I’m not trying to sound morbid, but has death ever come across your mind? I think about death all the time lately. Seeing loved ones leave the world one by one, I constantly think, when will it be my time to go? Even more recently, news of flight MH370, just shows that our lives can be taken away just like that. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to all the families of victims.

I’m definitely not counting down to the day. More like counting what’s left for me to do until that day. Have I served my full purpose in this world? Have I used everything God has given me to enjoin good? Let’s face it, our days are numbered. Natural disasters left and right, pandemics, top to bottom, the world is reaching its unforeseen expiry (date). It’s coming to the end. And i’m really scared. Petrified.

Question is; can we prepare ourselves for death?

When it is time to return to our creator, well, we’ll finally realize that we’ve run out of time. We must all start somewhere right? It’s never too early. But what can we do leading up to the day? Figuring it out is the best part. I’ve learnt so much about myself, it’s like you’re coming clean internally, turning yourself inside out. For instance, I learnt that i’m stronger than what my mind thinks I am. As much as it is a personal battle, I hold my family and the specific people in my life so close, they make me strong. Just sit down, take that time to reflect on everything. 

When someone asks me about my religion, I’d wished I had a better answer to give. Just so many questions and our questions we wished we could just ask and get the answers for. Then I realized we should just ask for it. At the time I was going back and forth with the idea of god being in my life. Like in my previous posts, I say it again here, sometimes it’s about acceptance. That there are things in life that we’ll never know or may not have answers to. It’s about embracing it fully, and trusting wholeheartedly. And it’s proven to be right. He’s never failed me.

And I don’t want to fail Him. Whatever it takes for me to be closer, I submit. Just with everything else, putting out my sincerity in my deeds, and I believe that He will recognize and acknowledge it with one of His many splendid ways. If not now, later.


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