Comfort: A temporary home

Am I comfortable with where I am and who I am right now?

Seems like almost every single one of my blog posts starts with a question. The uncertainty of it all overwhelms sometimes. But I think life is meaningless if we don’t search or yearn for something. Searching for true meaning behind the simplest and smallest things could do us good.

I recently just returned from a short trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Just seeing the people and places there, makes me feel extremely lucky and blessed to have the things that I have. Sometimes I get caught up with the world that i forget to strip it back and appreciate everything before me. The sun, moon, sky, nature and rain among the material things such as, the internet, my phone, clothes, family and my home. Just makes me realize that it may take you to be alone in a foreign place to really remind you how fortunate you really are. There’s still a large number of people living in poverty who do not get to enjoy the pleasures that we do. 

Thus, to answer the question above, I say yes, i’m comfortable with where I am right now. Definitely. I enjoy staying at home, more than going out. People view me as a total nerd, plain boring with no life, a fish out of the water because of this. But home is really where my heart is set in stone. It’s not just where I lay my head, or make my bed. Home is a place where i’m most comfortable being at, where i’m able to let my hair down and not worry about how I look, what people think of me. 

We live in a judgmental world. Is there something i’m not seeing? Certainly all that glitters is, is not gold. Although, I’d rather be at home than anywhere else, doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the world. Likewise, although I am comfortable with where I am now, i’m not necessarily satisfied or content with it. I still have room to grow. We all need to grow. I need to step out of my comfort zone. Challenges are inevitable. We gotta fall to learn how to fly. From bruises flowers grow. We really don’t have to step out that far.

I just hope that I’ll wake up everyday with unclouded eyes, see the world for what it is. Differentiate the good from the bad. Don’t hold on too tight to material possessions cause there will come a day where I’ll have to let go. Realize that every pleasure we enjoy in the world today could be gone the very next. We’re just passing through. This is just a stop to where we’re going. This was our temporary home.


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