Double edged

One of the things I fear most is, being a hypocrite. Sometimes, as determined as you are to achieve something, you become this other person. Well, monster. You say something but you don’t walk the talk, for instance. You put on a charade for your own gain. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

It’s really scary. It’s as if we’re asking the demons to wave the white flag for us. Snap out of it. I have to constantly remind myself.

Hypocrisy is like the mistress in a poligamist relationship. Its presence causes more harm than harmony if it is not controlled. Relationships are one of the many factors at stake.

I don’t wanna lose the people I care about because of my selfishness. With this awareness, I shall not let it manifest.

Sincerity – something I’m painstakingly trying to invoke in myself. Through my words and actions. I pray and hope that it comes through to my family and friends. That my intentions are sincere and from the bottom of my heart. That their happiness is mine too.


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