Whispers like poetry

Just when you thought you got it all so figured out…it only takes you to open up your eyes to realize, maybe not. The possibilities are indefinite. You don’t have to believe everything you’re told. What you don’t know could hurt you or either save your life. Well, I’d like to believe the latter.

It is no secret that the anonymity and the realm of the unknown can be quite scary. You’re practically dealing with a faceless ghost. Or maybe an angel and it’s our job to unmask it.

I don’t know (lol) how many people actually read my blog but for those who try to unmask the meaning and purpose behind my posts, you’ll just find yourself in a scattered head space. Like mine.

For the record, this blog is just a space for my collected thoughts, emotions, experiences, observations, inspirations and what not. When I talk about love for instance, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m actually in a relationship. Or when I talk about tragedy. These ideas just stem from what i’m feeling at that moment. Could be a lyric of a song or a scene from a movie.

I try to make my blog as personable as possible. I want to let people see this side of me that they may not already know. Yes, it takes a big part of me to actually open up like this, expose my intimate thoughts and feelings to readers. But it’s been really therapeutic and liberating. I don’t normally wear my heart on my sleeve. I have no control over how people would judge me and what they would perceive of me. But I mean, isn’t that just how life is in general?

Put it this way, my blog; encapsulated in an empty glass bottle and I throw it out into the ocean, the great unknown. Let the waves and tide take it away, somewhere, anywhere till it reaches someone. For they will uncover the contents inside the bottle, read it and who knows, it could make a difference in their lifes. That in whatever situation they may be facing, they are not alone.

To the people who have read my blog, and given me feedback about it, I just wanna say a big thank you for taking the time to read a slice of me. Of who I was, am and aspire to be. It means the world to me. I truly appreciate it. Makes me want to be a better writer.


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