I truly believe that I have grown up so much this year, learnt so much about myself, the people and world around me, and I’m really on my way to becoming the person I want to be.

Protecting your soul, and being true and honest with yourself and everyone around you is the best way to live and be. By living honestly out of pure love, doors open for you and your life, and give you space to grow as a living being. The environment around you moves and gives space for your dreams, desires, soul and faith, and thats the biggest thing I’ve learnt thus far.

Loving what you do will make your dreams come true. I’ve realised this. If for example, your dream is to be, I don’t know, a painter, and you enjoy painting so much that you’d happily smash up your painting when you’re finished and not even show anybody then your dream has already come true. You can sit and paint all day long and no one will ever see your work but you don’t care, you’re a painter. You’re the happiest when you paint.

All I ask of God today is good health, strength to overcome the darkest of days, empathy for others and a clear heart accompanied by His guidance to steer me in the right path. I also pray for the happiness and well being of my family and friends. They are my world.

No matter what it takes,
Let it take from you
One day you won’t come back
You’ll come back someone new
But somewhere on the avenue,
Life is good and good for you
Why wait, live now when you’re 22


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