Bourgeois pastime

They say that in the army you will meet all kinds of people. From egoistical chimpanzees, to the downright weird. Well, it’s not fair to judge a book by it’s cover, we all know that. All I’m saying is I’ve been surprised with ‘encounters’, when getting to know people. You may think this person is so and so, but they turn out the total opposite.

Especially now, we live in the modern age where the internet dominates our way of living. Even getting acquainted with people and making friends. As much as there is a ‘danger’ that exists (you can’t trust everything you read online) the veil of anonymity where people hide behind their computer screens and create a fictional character, can be quite scary and intimidating.

I kind of see a bit of beauty in it. I don’t know if you could call it spiritual or just luck, but I get a warm feeling sometimes knowing that at some point in time, two people randomly look up the same thing, decide to make a comment, they end up replying, discussing some things, unusually in a positive manner and voilà, there you go. A positive “encounter” that just makes both people feel better, learn something, or get something off their chest, and then they walk away.

It might be a porn dump, scam-riddled place, but within the normal places, you do get to meet some interesting people. You can say the internet can be quite a fantasy world. Some may disagree.

But I honestly think we’ve reached that stage where communication isn’t as whole-hearted as before. I think the older generation are much more social and warm to talk to. Sure we all do talk and mingle, but I don’t think we have the same charm or ability as people who were socializing all the time instead of playing games, locked to their iphones. It’s rare when I sit in front of someone, look him/her into their eyes and engage in a true conversation. Nowadays, so many distractions are around, hindering physical human interactions. I’m guilty of this. Which is the reason why I appreciate and value sincere encounters even more.

Yeah it’s just a generalization but I just thought I might as well put it out there. The internet is a nice place sometimes but, it blurs reality. I guess it’s because of the pressure of adulthood dawning on me. The constant pressure over my head to do something with my life, mind you, that pressure is from myself, not society. My life is about as empty as a flying plastic bag.

Might also explain why I’m kind of on edge. Not doing anything is horrible for your confidence. You wouldn’t like feeling useless. Like for example, I graduate with a degree, I’d want to get a job as soon as possible. Seeing friends who get jobs before you and you’re just sitting down there, waiting for something to fall from the sky. Sad




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