Grey area

Yes its all in the mind. But truthfully, its really difficult to stay objective when the people around you are so negative and spout endless hate. It seeps into your soul.

Reality check – I get negative and cold at times too. Can someone help it really? To feel that way…that’s the question.

When someone is rubbing me off that way, I feel like I’m in a dark void with hardly any way out. Then I feel like just smacking my head on the wall. Had I ever rubbed anyone that same way, well now I know how it feels.

Hmm things definitely need to turn around. Rather, we have to turn the tables ourselves. People who know me, know I love to laugh. I’m easily amused, I don’t have the nicest smile but I do love to smile.

Family and friends are the light in my life. I thank god everyday for them. I mean no matter what we are personally going through, we can and have the power to snap out of it. And have a positive outlook on things. After a while, it doesn’t get as challenging as before. When you’re sad or down, do the things that make you happy. I just realised it works wonders.

I’m not the sort to talk to people about my problems. So for me, when I’m down, I’d normally just write, listen to music or watch silly sitcoms/bollywood films. Small things that make a significant difference for me.

I may just be a mere existence to people, but I think we are here in this world to serve a greater purpose. I want to be the light in other people’s lifes. To spread positive vibes to the people around me. To know that I’ve made them feel better, to have made them laugh or smile, it’s totally worth it. Nothing in the world can compare.

I heard this from a friend; “Don’t compare, be content”.



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