The high road

The place where you felt happiest or safest?

As a little boy, I felt the happiest whenever I got to see people perform. Be it people singing, dancing, acting, playing the piano etc. A sense of awe and admiration for these performers would fill me up everytime. Considering I can’t do any of them for nuts. But honestly, just to witness these talented individuals bare their heart and soul, doing their thing has inspired me in every way possible.

My little heart would whisper, “One day, it will be your turn. You’ll get to do your thing and share it with the world”.

Well then, if you had a time machine and could go back to any place, at any time in your life, where would it be? Did you ever return to that place as an adult? If so, was the magic still there?

Hmm I have always found living, similar to reading a book; to truly enjoy the story you must focus on the current page and not be distracted by the previous pages or those that you haven’t read.

Umm so, I haven’t been ‘reading’ lately. But I am living day to day, excited of the challenges that await me yet extremely terrified at the same time.

One thing I realized, I have been intently listening. Finding myself falling into a silent warp. Alone. But having a much vivid sight of the world around me – through listening. Cause truly, everyone has something to say.

As I grow older, priorities and responsibilities change. And it’s extremely tough. Not smooth sailing. Always find myself in the brink of giving up.

Then again, when aging gets me down, I recall something my dad once said: “While getting older can be tough, it’s certainly better than the alternative.”

So I guess, it is my turn now. To do my thing – where the world is my stage and life as I see and experience it, is my song.



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