The key

2 years, it has been. I still remember the anticipation and anxiety like the last page I flipped, of a book I’m reading. I never expected the story that unfolded. I never expected that it’d cause sleepless nights and dreamy mornings, the way it did. By accident or by fate, only God knows. Suddenly, all the darkness turned into light. Like a kiss on my forehead, I knew I was in safe hands. I knew everything was going to be alright. Nothing short of a blessing, I felt at home. A key which unlocked my heart, it made me feel alive. It made me feel again. Stared me right in the eyes, it was all I desired. It embraced me like the morning sun, taught me kindness in the long run. I’m the same boy who longs on his knees and you were the wiser one disguised from greed. Locked in my heart, my first love right from the start.


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