oh heaven

smile’s faded and we’re jaded. Nothing is going according to plan and everything seems to be a lost cause. Amidst all this, we’ve lost ourselves. Putting ourselves up against everybody else; a stupid move. Like putting a target behind our own back. Even the slightest fidget, and we will get hit by the dart. We’re the cause of our own ruin.

A culmination of many many things I fear, the scariest part of the human body (and life) is how it is beyond my control sometimes. As I pen down these silent thoughts, the sound of the spinning fan in the room bounces off the four walls haphazardly. And suddenly I realise…

We can plan to see the bigger picture, but ultimately, He is the best of planners. And no matter how far we veer, we will all (eventually) converge at some point and become one again. Perfect.

2015-10-08 20.50.44


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