“A lighthouse in the storm”

I should probably be finishing an essay or reading a book right now but it’s way past my bedtime. Joke.

Well i’m writing this instead, to reflect on a course i’ve been attending for the past 4 weeks, which had just concluded last night – based on the message of HOPE in Islam.

I tell other people to have hope, but I can feel that my hands are slowly losing grip of the rope i’ve held onto for so long. Shame on me. Fortunately, through this discourse I’ve learnt that a cause is never lost until you decide that it is. And I really believe that. Just like how the door to repentance is never closed. Just like how you will find your way when you’re lost…

like how you’re never really abandoned when you feel alone. This struck a chord in me.

I’ve learnt that when we face adversities, we should never curse it but be grateful for it. When shit hits the fan, we carry on with a smile. As crude as that sounds, having a positive outlook on things will do more good than harm when you think about it. Something better may come from it. How beautiful and magical you feel when you see a rainbow after the storm.

“Your Lord has not abandoned you nor is He displeased with you.” 93:3

The point is He’s got your back. No matter how far you’ve failed or strayed, he will always be there to forgive. With his mercy, I feel my feelings being validated.



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