please don’t worry

Stuck inside my own head and memories with no where to run or hide, I take cover behind my words. I’m growing tired every day. Looking up at the livid sky, desperately trying to catch that silver lining among the clouds – just hoping and praying that mom, dad, my loved ones you don’t have to worry.

I hear you say, “Why didn’t you call? When will you be coming home? Make sure you sleep early. How’s school? I nag but I always mean the same thing, Mama loves you.”

Nuanced by the hypocrisy of this world, I hold on to the miracles of the heart, that no matter how far you are, my heart still stays the same. To my family and best friends, you always have a place. Missing you every day and wondering about you every night. Wherever you are, just be happy.

Be healthy, look after each other

And please,

don’t worry about me.

Even if its hard, just wait a little more for me




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