Just keep swimming

Did you know how scared I was? Scared that I’d show too much of myself. False connections have lead me to the middle of nowhere. Lost in the beginning, I smiled and laughed off the bitterness. Truth from the fake, everyone chose to eat the cake. I demanded to be understood, thinking, “If I died maybe they would understand me”. All the wrong thoughts. But I had to understand this – life goes on and so do I too. Even if I gave up halfway or made it, everybody would still believe what they believed. At the end of the day, I have to believe in myself. No matter how cold the world gets, my fragile hand will never freeze up as I pen down words, emptying these mental vaults. I don’t have to look far to ‘find’ my ‘lost’ self. I am not Nemo. I believe everyone has their own timing, so i’ll just go where my heart takes me.

It’s okay. I’ll be OK.


2 thoughts on “Just keep swimming

  1. desiringcadence says:

    I love this but there is no “love” button for bloggers yet! lol. Such a hopeful poem with how it ends. I love poems that start with a conflict but ends with a resolution. I take that your resolution in your poem is you may not have all the answers but “I’ll be OK.” Good job. 🙂

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