Like a performer who gives everything he’s got on stage, he then takes a bow to the sound of lively applause and finally retreats to the dark and lonely backstage feeling as close as death. Having difficulty eating solids, fever and diarrhoea for a whole week, my body was left like a dried leaf as exhaustion consumed me. The past 2 months came as a much needed relief for me. Relieving memories, reading, just lying down and listening to my own breaths; Reclaiming me-time, the humble calmness and stillness of it all just amplified the liberating solitude that I’ve missed. And now, second year begins this Wednesday. Can’t deny how excited I am to be reunited with friends and move mountains together, this brand new semester. Gonna be different this time not staying in hall, and having a 2-hour commute to and from school instead. But my heart is home. I’ll hold on to this like my health and life depend on it.


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