Playback love

Feels like it was just yesterday, my six year old self would ransack the rack of cassette tapes every time I was over at my grandparents’. Curious of the song titles written on the filament cases, my unknowing heart begged to hear melodic tales of life and its lessons. I remember how I would get into trouble for rewinding the tapes over and over again just to hear the sound of its reels, till they came loose. How times have changed in less than two decades; from Walkmans, CDs and now digital audio.

One thing that remains is music’s effect. Its ability to make my heart flutter, weep or skip a beat- therein lies the magic. I’ve learnt that when I close my eyes, I can conjure all my dreams, but only for a moment before the moment’s gone. I could be playing the same old song from the dusty, expired cassette tape; but the songs it contain will always be a throwback to memories of family and friends. An ode to unforgettable love and joy. Like love, it soothes, it heals. The kind of music that is worth dedicating- to everyone.


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