Half a heart

You know you’re stuck in a rut when you start to count down to the end of everything. There is hardly anything you look forward to except (eternal) rest.

In this moment of weakness the past week, a timely reminder came to me on Facebook. My dearest grandfather passed away four years ago on this day. Indeed, I miss having someone to dote on me, someone to call me up to ask how I was doing, someone who would always crack jokes just to see me laugh and smile. Looking back, I can’t help but feel sad and grateful that I was on the receiving end of his selfless love. 

I know that he is somewhere watching over me. I also know that God is there watching over all of us. I hope they both see the man I’m trying to become. 

If I can give just half of the love that my grandfather had given me, to my loved ones I’d be happy.


2 thoughts on “Half a heart

  1. stuckinrealityblog says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace, he’s in a better place watching over you. This is very meaningful. I can truly relate, my grandfather passed away a long time ago and till this day it feels like part of me is gone, but I’m sure he’s in a wonderful place.

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