Heart & Seoul

4669km away from home this #EidAlAdha and not only am I appreciating the sacrifices made by our Prophet, but also my parents. I always take for granted everything that they’ve provided for me while growing up. Without batting an eyelid, I’d live my life with little consideration of the amount of toil and tears they go through to raise me and my brothers.

Adulting is not easy, let’s be honest.

However, keeping God and my parents in mind in whatever that I do, I hope to return home, a better son, brother and friend.


I re-read the captions I've written when I was down in the dumps and I'm proud of myself – for choosing my battles wisely and keeping my head above the water.

Remaining composed amidst the troubles rings in true calmness within myself. With that, I am at peace.


Waking up to different melodies in my head each day, the feelings and sentiments that are attached, still linger. Just as the remaining strands of light disappear during sunset, every day, I still hold on to the lingering hope and light in my life – and reconcile with myself every evening.

All of my life, I've been a stranger to the night. In those vulnerable and dark lonely nights, I have managed to find comfort and hope in solitude and in Him, the greatest planner of all. As much as I am wary of the night, I've learnt to put trust in a perfect stranger. Most of my personal musings and inspiration come at nighttime – when I'm waiting for the sandman to put me to sleep. A safe space that is represented by your world, I will continue to reside until the day of reckoning.

Who knows if I'll wake up one day to a whole new world and realise that everything has changed. I do believe that things change for the better; 1) we're no longer strangers now, but friends.


I've rarely parted from my parents' sides for an extended period of time. As I'm growing older I would think it'd be easier to let go of the hands that have been holding mine since I first learnt how to walk; well, I thought wrong. It's scary to imagine walking on my own after living a comfortable life while some may say 'sheltered'. But you know what, whatever it is, I'm standing here today because of them. When the day comes where we'll have to part, I'll continue to carry their name and love with me – to the moon and back

[📸 parents anniversary trip @ Surabaya] 💑🦋

Blooming season

Even if you are hit by the worst of storms or tormented by the most toxic individuals, stay brilliant. Once you learn to weather through the pain, you realise that the wrinkles that formed was well worth it in the end. You can wither just as beautifully as you bloom.