You’re the best simpleton I know.

Whatever your heart feels, your face shows.

Whenever I see your face, my heart grows.

Family affair

Meeting one another after a very long time, you realise how your relationship with that person you like or dislike has changed over the years. You acknowledge how much you’ve grown from the memories you shared, be it good or bad. Blessings in disguise or not, are still blessings bestowed. No matter bitter or sweet, you learn to appreciate the true meaning of ‘family’ because at the of the day, you have each other.

CC: you

Hello, it’s me. This is to help you remember everything you need to know about yourself, in case somewhere down the road, you start to forget things and every memory you ever had of your life ceases to exist. Verily, everything is temporary.

You’re an early riser. You wake up every morning to the first five seconds of your alarm. As much as you love to see the sun rise, you love staring at the moon even more; simply because it reminds you of the special people in your life who you love and miss dearly. Each passing day you thank God for blessing you with a loving family and four best friends. Of all people, they understand why you prefer being indoors on some days, while others think you’re unsociable. Your favourite colour is red. You love listening to Mariah and you’ve watched The Kite Runner more than ten times. The film adaptation isn’t nearly as good as the novel but you are triggered by the story of friendship between Amir and Hassan- from completely different walks of life, but they say to each other, “For you, a thousand times over”. You wished every relationship was as sincere as theirs.

You’re sentimental and a crybaby. Tears aren’t unfamiliar to you when you watch sappy Bollywood films or Korean melodramas. You were bullied when you were young. People called you names, but you stood your ground. Oh by the way, your name is Shafiq; it means ‘the compassionate one’. You commit to situations that make you feel. You become silent when you’re angry or sad. At times, you can’t put a finger on these feelings but you’re learning. Although you are learning and training to be a teacher, you acknowledge that life itself is the greatest teacher of all.

25 years. You’ve come a long way and you’ve accomplished so much. You are just about to post it up on instagram but then a voice raps its way into your head to hold up, sit down, be humble. LOL you even laugh at your own jokes and giggle at the sexual references you come up with. Sometimes the things that come out from your mouth don’t make sense, but you say ‘it’s okay’ because you don’t mind being the butt of a joke. You rather make people laugh than be a wet blanket.

Cheers to that (with bubble tea of course). Let’s not even get into your favourite food and dessert. Hah, no one would believe you because you’ve been skinny your whole life. As much as it is difficult to find the right size of clothes, you enjoy shopping. You don’t usually end up buying the things because you’re constantly asking yourself ‘need or want?’. Still, you like having options and variety. Your favourite colour is red, but you don’t like wearing red; ironic just like your handwriting. Hardly presentable yet you are compelled to write.

Far from perfect, but that’s most human.


I need to muster courage to step out of my own box. A whole wonderland awaits me out there. All glitter and maybe gold? Who knows? It doesn’t matter.

Let me take the first step.


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 11.35.13 AM

Ramadan is really special. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sound all saintly in this blessed month but truly it makes you feel things you would not have felt in other months. It’s as if this overwhelming spirit is moving my hand to write posts of this nature. I hope you understand 🙂

Somehow feelings get amplified. From extreme happiness to extreme despair, I always look fondly at this photograph and revel in the warmth and calmness I felt, amidst the whirlwind of emotions I was experiencing at that time.

It was right after my new friends and I were leaving the Prophet’s (PBUH) mosque on our first day in Madinah. These two boys caught my attention. They were setting up their moveable cartshop selling mini-Qurans and we decided to approach them. The brothers introduced themselves as Mohamed and Ahmed and we engaged in small talk. Before we left, I asked if we could get a photograph together, and both immediately opened their arms for me. Being in a foreign land and feeling that kind of genuine and sincere affection really touched my heart.

How can strangers make you feel so at home even when you’re so distant?