Opposite me in the train, a young man seems to be fiddling on his phone, texting. I realise that he cannot see. A walking stick in between his thighs, blind in the eyes but witnesses everything with his heart. Cannot fathom how he sends out messages with just a touchpad. Intuitive- truly based on what he feels. That’s remarkable and humbling.

May God never take away our ability to feel.


I’ve learnt that your heart grows heavy whenever you start feeling sorry for yourself. When it becomes all about you, you feel entitled and project your selfishness around the people around you. So, stop.

Remember the smiles of your loved ones. Their faces gushing with happiness and tremendous joy when they share good news…how could you fight that? You don’t have to be in every picture. They know how you feel just by looking into your eyes. So smile with your eyes and show them “I’m happy for you”. I’ve finally learnt the true meaning of this. Be happy for my sake so that I can be happy too.

Present perfect

Just learnt today that there is a distinct difference between ‘history’ and the ‘past’. A past is something that has happened which cannot be retrieved. History however, is a narrative that is constructed making sense of the past for the present. Unless you want only traces of perhaps your love, memories, relationships or conversations, embed it as part of your personal history and not a thing of the past.


Yes, reality is harsh and the world is a very dark place. Everyone has different experiences. So, is it really okay to pass something off to be ‘trivial’ when someone else may consider it ‘serious’? Can you blame their sensitivity? Do you tell that person to “suck it up” because that’s just life? How would you feel if someone said that to you? You never really know until you’ve been in that other person’s shoes. Like the Malay saying; “Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul”, how we see or perceive a person’s experiences or suffering are all relative to their actual reality. You don’t get to say that bullying is a way of life so whoever gets name-called must suck it up.

On the fly

In the flurry of anticipation or uncertainty you let me climb so high so that I could see that there are no heights I cannot reach. And that the highs and lows are all part of the spectacle called life.

Exhaustion kicking in again same time every year. Wish I could be saying that I’m alive and kicking instead. But like everything, I tell myself that this too is temporary.

To be strong enough to wait on God’s grace, doors will open. Windows to others’ hearts too.

As I wait for the rain to stop, I think of all the days you’ve showered me with your love and blessings. Then you surprise me with a fiery vermillion sunset – A perfect ending where I get to say goodbye days. Here’s hoping we will meet our end beautifully and peacefully.