Another aeroplane

Change is something I will always struggle with. I wish my friends on their birthdays to “stay cool, stay awesome and stay the same” because I “love you just the way they are”.

At the same time, I know that change is something I cannot control. We grow and go through changes over time and it may not always sit well with others but, we still have to let nature take its course. I’ve come to realise that change is necessary. Even when the night changes, I’ll come into my own every single day in hopes of becoming a person someone could look up to or at least look to for comfort.

Next time on birthdays, when I wish someone, I’d tell them to “Be the person you’re meant to be. Seize the day and embrace your transformation” because if it were truly someone I cared for, I’d be happy for them. Regardless of distance, space and time…

“I will truly be happy for you”.


I see poetry in the sky.

Different times of the day evoke different moods. We curse the blistering summer heat and wish the day would end faster while we feel romance on a full moon night. When we fall into slumber, it rains cats and dogs, without rhyme or reason. Pitter patter, pitter patter. We stay asleep. The sound of falling raindrops remind me of words of poetry— nostalgic, poignant and all too familiar.

1000 splendid suns

One good thing grief has taught me is that connections still exist beyond death and loss. A bond and friendship so strong are like the culmination of rays of a thousand suns—blazing and alive.

If watching a movie at the cinema or reading a book in a cafe alone is your idea of loneliness, then maybe you need to get used to your own company. If you are unable to appreciate the sweetness of “me”-time then this time is pretty much wasted.

I u

Last year I was learning what it meant to be compassionate. To be the bigger person by showing sympathy and concern for another person regardless of your own battles or loneliness would count for selflessness. Stepping back and emptying yourself of hubris is the right step forward. When words begin to lose significance in life’s blackhole, offer words of comfort to each other. Leave kind words wherever you go. This year, I am still learning this important lesson.


My favourite tradition is trying to utter the words, “I love you, I thank you” as I try to envelope the changing colours of the sky which render me speechless— in those split seconds before it turns pitch



I still remember one day before the start of my practicum, I was so anxious and worried about my fate in a new school. Until I saw the sunset in the first picture. It was as if the skies were telling me that no matter what happened I could always look forward to the sunset at the end of every long tiring day. Rightfully so, I got to witness a series of beautiful sunsets within the next five weeks. Vermillion, pink, mandarin orange hues which reminded me that there are no such things as dull days.

They can only be dull in our minds.

Last day of practicum tomorrow and as difficult as it was, I feel so blessed to have had the support of friends, family and God. Thank you for always being by my side and for reminding me time and time again that my days are what I make them out to be— Filled with